Soundararajan Dhakshinamoorthy

8+ years as a software developer

Professional Experience

Atmel R&D India Pvt Ltd.,  Senior developer, February, 2010 – present

  1. Develop/maintain the GNU compiler for the AVR and ARM architecture, where we fix bugs, add support for new atmel microcontrollers.
    C, C++, Linux, System software, Comuter architecture
    Responsibilities : Developer
  2. Follow Scrum to develop an IDE, Debugger, Compiler toolchain that allows developers write C/C++/Assembly code for Atmel AVR and ARM microcontrollers. The IDE is based on the Visual studio Isolated shell platform. We also developed a platform SDK where people can develop extensions for the IDE, and the users can ship their extensions through gallery.
    C#, .NET, C++, python, Ant, Ivy, Hudson, Wix, Gradle, Windows, groovy
    Responsibilities held : Developer, Program manager, Scurm master

HCL Technologies, India, Software Developer, June, 2007 – February, 2010.

  1. Developed software for patterned Wafer Defect Inspection System that will scan wafers for defects. The software is used to automate various operations of the wafer inspection machine like preparing wafer, robot movements, streaming results to the PC and rendering the results in screen.
    C#, .NET, C++/CLI, Java, CORBA, SQL Server
    Responsibilities : Developer

Awards and Honours

  • Outstanding Performnce, Atmel R&D India Pvt Ltd, 2011 – 2012.
  • Outstanding performance, HCL Technologies, Chennai, India, 2007 – 2009.
  • College students executive chairman, Department of computer science and Engineering, Annamalai University, 2006 – 2007.
  • First class with Honors, Computer science and engineering, Annamalai University, 2003 – 2007.
  • College Students executive chairman, Muthiah polytechnic, 2002 – 2003.
  • First Rank student in Diploma, Muthiah polytechnic, Directorate of Technical education, 2000 – 2003.
  • First Rank student in the school [10th Grade], Rani seethi achi higher secondary school, Govt of TamilNadu, 1999 – 2000.

Transferable skills

Please refer to m linkedIn profile, where my colleagues/friends have voted for what I know, i truly believe that practical knowledge is transferable to any domain/language/platform.

Am a good speaker, and have as worked part-time trainer, coaching students in various programming languages, and have associated myself with colleges. More info here.


  • +91 – 9962723481

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