Configuring Pidgin to work with Lync server in Arch Linux

The new version :



11 thoughts on “Configuring Pidgin to work with Lync server in Arch Linux

  1. Thanks for the help getting sipe installed on Manjaro. I ended up adding the sipe plugin from the aur like this: sudo pacman -U
    but I can’t connect. I have the same setup running on my Windows box so I know my settings are correct. The last time I did this I had some issues with certificates so I copied over my certificates from my desktop and imported them.

    I still can’t get it working. My next step will probably be to run a wireshark on the connection to see what is actually being sent back from the server. I can’t seem to find the logs for pidgin on Manjaro and it’s not in the journalctl entry.

  2. This set me on the right track, though I wasn’t positive on the URL to use. For others, if you can get to a Windows machine, I right clicked Lync in the tray and chose the view account/connection settings option (whichever sounds most like that) and the server that ended up working for me was the one under “DG URL Internal.” Technically, my company has this one set to “”. What pidgin finally conencted with was “” I’m not sure if it matters, but I found other sites in which the username ( was also entered in the Login field. Mine currently is, but I haven’t removed it to see if that was causing any issues.

    I guess the main point of this was to say thanks for the write-up, and to assist others in honing in on the right server, as that was the only issue I had vs. the above.

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