Programming a LG-P895 Android Phone

I got a LG-P895 phone for my wife on her birthday. She was so happy to receive it and it’s been couple of weeks, and now i thought it’s the right time i can get it from her for a while and try programming it and play with the options it had got for the 28,000 rupees I’ve paid for it. From a hardware perspective it’s quiet cool, at least from a developer point of things.


It had got cool developer options like, enable touch data, which pretty much would show you the coordinates of touch and is very useful for debugging purposes. This is a bit of introduction and now we will dive into the purpose of the blog. I.e. Programming the LG-P895 Android phone.



> Download the android ADK for ICS.(Ice Cream sandwich). I believe its API version 17. Extract it to a folder in your computer and now you are ready with the IDE. This package includes Eclipse + Android plugin for eclipse + Android SDK + command line tools. Quiet cool. 🙂


> Make sure you have the latest JDK software. (i.e at least JDK7 update 13). Caution: When i have JDK 6 installed in my PC, I am not able to launch the eclipse IDE, coz it throws error that the IDE was unable to load blah blah JNI component. Not sure about it though.


Now connect the phone to the PC, open the command prompt, and cd to the %AndroidInstallationDirectory%\sdk\platform-tools directory. Run the following command

adb devices

Bingo! You would not see any devices, though it is connected. Now the problem is that the device is connected as a Media sync device and not as a device that supports. So you have to enable debugging from the phone settings. To do in from the phone, go to Settings -> Developer options. FUBAR ! Again, the option is disabled, but the caption reads “Turn this ON when USB is connected”. I am misled either by the caption or by my lack of skills in reading English. You have to actually disconnect the USB and turn on that option and then connect the USB to the PC.



Now run the same command again and you should see something as below, which means your device, is ready for development.


Whew!! I will continue on development stuff later.     




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