Installing an unsigned driver in Windows 8 (x64)

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34 thoughts on “Installing an unsigned driver in Windows 8 (x64)

  1. I am installing same driver for win 8 JP and Win 8 US OS version. There is no problem with US installation. But, It is showing error message “Cannot run on this system” for JP OS.

  2. Thank you very much! What a nasty path to get to that “Restart” button. At the first days of using Windows 8 CP I thought that Windows totally ignore my F8 key by time of booting, but no – they’ve made it other way so the tablets and other “toys” without keyboard can it access too … a lot of ’em don’t have built-in the “F8 key”, right? :-]

  3. this’d probably be way more helpful if you actually knew where the advanced startup option is
    you conveniently left out the part where you have to go to “change pc settings”

  4. This option no longer works with Windows 8. I tried this with FreeOTFE, (disc encryption tool that loads the encryption kernel drivers when one runs the programme, and it always fails, even after selecting the above option.”

    Choose “Disable Driver signature Enforcement” from the menu. “

  5. Impossible with my ACER iconia tablet W510. I have the keyboard dock but the keys haven’t detected when W8 startup. The only solution I found is to connect a USB-keyboerd on the tablet. Then, it’s ok !

  6. No, I did not find any driver Okipage 8w lite there. The following msg appears for win8 64bit:
    No drivers were found to match your requirements. Please click on the link below for further help:

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