What is dharma sangadam ?

"“Dharma” : In the Hindu religious epic “Mahabaratha”, Dharma  (Yudisthra) is the eldest son of Kunddevi and Pandu, who was said to be born by invoking the lord of truth (neethidava).

Sangadam : This word is from the language “Tamil” which transliterates to “Embarrassment” in English.

“Dharma Sangadam” : Dharma, with his brothers prevail in a great war against their cousins the Kauravas. This battle is famously known as the battle of Kurukshetra, and in the course of the battle “Dharma” was asked by lord Krishna to tell the rivals that “Aswathaman” has died, in an intention to  bring down their forcefulness. “Aswathaman” is the son of dhronacharaya (guru of both Kauvaras and the pandavas), but now the one who drives the Kauvaran army, and is undefeatable by the pandavas.

So Lord krishna devised a plan and asked Bhima to kill an elephant by name “Aswathamman” and proclaim that “Aswathamman Died”. On hearing this Dhronacharaya was disheartened and went to ask Dharma whether his son was really killed, knowing his firm adherence to Truth. Dharma  however replied poetically that “Aswathaman is dead, but am not sure if that’s a human”. Dhrona heard the first part of the sentence and with the celebrations of the Pandava army he is not able to hear the rest. Being disheartened on hearing this, he stepped out of his chariot and got killed by the Pandava’s army commander.


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