Cost of a ignored compiler warning is 1000$

Hi all,

The other day we got an oppotunity to debug a Installation package developed with Install Shield 2010. The problem is that “what we add to the package, is not actually added into the package”. The challenge is that you need to find the list of missing files exactly and cannot blame blindly that something is missing. But the warning messages in the build machine revelved all the missing files with a WAR :-5000 warning. message :O. The length of the path to some of the files execced the limit of MAX_PATH (defined by windows runtime), and thence these files are ignored by InstallShield compiler as (“Cannot find the file”) and it packaged the rest. IMHO InstallShield compiler should actually report this as errors, and not warnings.

The Learning : Never treat a warning as “SO WHAT ?”. Some/Almost  all compilers have the option “treat errors as warnings”. I felt that the  options should be turned on always. In this case the Install Shield option offering is (-w).

1000$ is the management cost for ignoring the warnings :). Holy me (I pray my manager don’t happen to see this post.  Shuoooo…….!!)



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