Climate change -> No Beach

Y’day i was discussing with one of my good neighbour one Dr.Siva kumar. He posses a Doctrate in Marine Biology (He specifics to some oceanic science and stuff). I got some interesting and threatning facts out of the conversation. One thing that always made me to think is "There will be no beach 100 years down the line". OMG !!!. He says it takes 100s of years for a beach to form automatically (corals has to decay and form as sand Blah! Blash!). Because of this cliamate change the sea level will increase dramatically and the current beaches will be drowned inside. !!!
Here is the MoM.
  • Nearly 50% of the oceanic resources are destroyed compared to the past. Don’t know the exact time frame. (Not the count of the species, but the non-existance of the species).
  • Due to the change in climate, the pattern of the wind movement near Peru coast had changed (I did’nt ask why exactly peru) that caused change in the waves, thence the ocanic resources can’t resist that disharmony in the habitat, causing them to move to a different place. Peru’s only costal sea product is none other than salt (atleast for a few hundred meters).
  • Swami Dayanandha saraswathi had came with an idea that "Not eating Meat can cause 30% reduce in carbon emission". I don’t know how "Sachin Not voting" can cause McKein to be not elected. But i will digg this and comment on this, sometime later this month.
  • Mangrooves can absorb atmosphiric Carbon-di-oxide more that other plants and trees. Also the cost and time span to develop mangroove vegetarian is less. (i.e 10 years).

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