Yasodha’s Bestowment

This is for those who know Hindu philosophy to an extent, here i intend to mention an instance in the story Mahabaratha.

Sage Naradha was about to step into Yasodha’s home, and from there he was quietly watching what little krishna is doing. For his greatest surprise he saw that Yasodha was punishing Little krishna by tying him in a stone because of not obeying her order of not to eat mud and sand. That instance Sage Naradha wonders at Yasodha

“Dear Yasodha, what penance you had done in your past to be bestowed to punish the supreme lord of all the universe” and sings the Song “Enna Thavam Seithanai”.

Even though Devaki is the one who gave birth to Krishna, she is not gifted to feed him or punish him or teach him. It is yasodha the foster mother who is blessed with bringing up Krishna. Lucky Yasodha!!!! smile_regular


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