Hi there,

I am Soundararajan, and i live in the southern part of india. I am usually referred to as Sound or Raju. This is my blog where i try to record the challenges i encounter in in a 40* hour week. This is a mix of whatever i find interesting on a given day, technical, philosophical or something else.

Basically am a computer science engineer and i like it very much. I like going out with friends and family and involving in activities like cycling in ECR, hiking in Tada hills, walking in the marina beach, climbing nagalapuram, river rafting in pitchavaram, trying out different cusains, swimming in my apartment, partying out in the very heart of this chennai city which is quiet a beautiful place. I spend most of my time at work for Atmel, or with my *wife* :P. The rest of the time i read a lot of books oriented towards social justice, philosophy and religion. I sincerly attempt to follow the life and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The MOTHER.

If you are looking for some posts then please look into the recent posts section. Have a good time.